Resealable Zip Ties – Recommended Item of the Week

September 2, 2016 Quiver Full Farms No comments exist

This weeks recommended item is the Monoprice Resealable Zip Ties. Believe me, these zip ties are a life saver around the homestead! And for their price, you can’t beat them!

In the past I have strayed away from using zip ties on projects because once you put them on, there is no way of taking them off short of cutting them off. That seemed like a waste to me and is why these resealable zip ties are so great!!

How Have we used Resealable Zip Ties Around the Homestead?

We recently used these zip ties to hold together 2 sections of cattle panel that wraps around our duck house for protection. And since they are resealable we can open and close the panels as needed.

We have also used them to tie down the tarp on our chicken tractor. Our chicken tractor is about 8×8 and we like to keep about half of it covered for shade. But when it rains we like to cover it completely to keep the chickens somewhat dry. Resealable zip ties allow us to do this as needed.

These particular zip ties are 6 inches long but we have joined multiple zip ties together to make a longer zip tie. They come in a pack of 100 and should give you a good year or two before becoming brittle from the sun. The possibilities are endless with these things.

I  keep a few in my bug out bag and all of my vehicles because you never know when they might come in handy.

Has a zip tie ever saved your bacon? Comment below with a story about how you have used zip ties in an unusual way. Or just leave a comment on ways that you use them around the homestead.

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