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Welcome to the very first “Amazon Item of the Week” at Quiver Full Farms. Every week we will bring you an item on Amazon that we have personally used or that we have done enough research on that it has made it to our wish list and we feel comfortable enough recommending.

This weeks item is Nutrazests Organic Tumeric Curcumin. I’m sure just about any brand of Tumeric will work just as well but this is one we have personally tried and it has worked great for our family! Here are the questions we asked when we were looking for Tumeric.

  1. Is it Organic? – We try to buy organic as often as possible.
  2. Does it contain Black Pepper? – That right, Black Pepper. It helps your body absorb the Turmeric.

Not only did this brand answer both of those questions in the positive, it is also made in the USA and had a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee. So we gave it a try.

The first time I ever used it was after I had slept wrong and had a cramp in my neck. We all know how great those can make you feel. I was about to hit up the ibuprofen bottle when I remembered that we had just bought some Turmeric. So I gave that a try instead.

I figured it takes about 30 min for Ibuprofen to kick in so I gave the Turmeric 30 min to do its thing before I would head back to the Ibuprofen. I thought that even if the Turmeric did work, it probably wouldn’t work as well as the Ibuprofen. Boy was I wrong!

About an hour later, completely forgetting that my neck was even sore, I remembered I had taken the Tumeric! It worked so well that I didn’t even have to consider taking an Ibuprofen. My neck was completely back to normal.

Now remember our disclaimer, I am not a doctor so please do not take this article as medical advice. This is just our opinion and story of what we have experienced.

Turmeric - By Darya Pino - Flickr
Turmeric – By Darya Pino – Flickr

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is the spice that gives both curry and mustard its yellow color. We have used Turmeric to successfully combat pain and inflammation but what else is it good for?

  • It benefits your cardiovascular system
  • It helps aid your digestive system and greatly enhances liver efficiency
  • It is an anti-oxidant which helps boost your immune system and cleanse your body of free-radicals
  • It is linked to improve brain function and lower risk of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s
  • It has antibacterial properties
  • Is good for weight loss as it activates fat burning gene signals

Does it Work Miracles?

Of course not! Just like any medicine out there, different people will have different results. In order to see long term health effects you will have to stay on it long term. But the good thing about Turmeric is that it is not pharmaceutical grade poison medicine. It is food. It comes from God’s green Earth. and at least for our family, we have used it effectively to help with common inflammation.

So get out there and order some now! If you find another brand or another place to order from, great! You need to do what is right for your family. But if you are going to order off of Amazon anyway, please use our links below as it helps to support us.

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