Recommended Item of the Week – The Fallacy Detective

July 12, 2016 Quiver Full Farms No comments exist

This weeks item is the book “The Fallacy Detective.” Our two oldest boys (9 and 11) love reading this book and we cover one lesson each night.

What is a fallacy you ask? A fallacy is an error in logic or thinking and this book covers 38 of the most common fallacies.

In government schools today, they do plenty of teaching you what to think. What is missing from today’s curriculum though is how to think. Or at least, how to think logically. And with the way the media spoon feeds us the information or bias that they want us to hear, it is critical to be able to decide for yourself what you will believe.

Just the other day we were listening to a kids story on the radio and my oldest yells out, “That lady just used a “straw man” fallacy!” And that is not the first time they caught people using fallacies in their reasoning. If they get nothing else out of this book, at least I know they are now critically thinking about what they are being told instead of just accepting it at face value.

This book is written by 2 home schooled brothers and is a fun and easy read. They use easy to understand examples and even include Peanuts, Dilbert, and Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. It definitely helps keep the kids focused. They say it is for ages 12 through adult but our 9 and 11 year old love it!

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