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Our family loves gum but we were tired of our only options containing artificial colors and sweeteners such as aspartame. We were in desperate need of a natural aspartame free gum. So my wife went to amazon and found Simply Gum. So we gave it a try and love it!

Did you know that the FDA allows gum brands to hide up to 80 synthetic ingredients under the generic term “gum base”?! Ridiculous right?!


The ingredient list for Simply Gum is very simple and doesn’t contain a long list of chemicals like most conventional brands.

  • Organic raw cane sugar
  • Natural chicle base (chicle, candelilla wax, citrus acid)
  • Natural flavor
  • Organic vegetable glycerin
  • Organic rice flour

Did you notice that there were no artificial colors listed? That’s because there are none. Zilch. Zip. Nada. And since this is aspartame free gum, the taste is more subtle yet still very refreshing.

We also noticed that this gum has a softer and silky texture while chewing.

Each box contains 15 pieces and comes with what they call “post-chew” wrappers to make it easy to throw away when you are done.


We purchased the multi flavor pack which comes with Cinnamon, Mint, Fennel Licorice, Ginger, Maple, and Coffee. Cinnamon was our favorite with mint coming in as a close second. It wasn’t as minty as we would have expected but was still very good! Ginger was surprisingly good as well. Coffee was our least favorite flavor.

Closing Thoughts

This gum is only slightly more expensive than traditional brands but for our family, our health is worth it! We have definitely noticed a difference in behavior when our kids eat or drink things with artificial colors vs. when we remove them from their diet. Combine that with the fact that this is aspartame free gum and the extra $2 or $3 is well worth the investment.

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Don’t forget to comment below on how you like this gum or if you have any other suggestions for an aspartame free gum.

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