My Spicy Teriyaki Deer Jerky Recipe

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Deer season is right around the corner for us here in TX and that can only mean one thing, Spicy Teriyaki Deer Jerky! Our family loves it and it’s actually quite easy to make. So here is my not so secret family recipe.

Spicy Teriyaki Deer Jerky Recipe

1 cupWorcestershire Sauce
3/4 cupTeriyaki Sauce
1.5 tspLiquid Smoke
1/2 cupSoy Sauce
2 tspOnion Powder
2 tspGarlic Powder
2 tspBlack Pepper
1/2 tblSalt
1 tspRed Pepper Flakes (to desired heat range)
2 tblBrown Sugar
1 tblHoney

If you are wanting a version that is not spicy, cut back on the pepper flakes or leave them out all together. If you are the type that can be heard saying, “Bring on the heat!”, then add some more. This isn’t rocket science!

1. Mix all ingredients, minus the meat, in a large mixing bowl.

2. Split the meat into 2 gallon size zip lock bags and divide the marinade between the 2 bags.

3. Start shaking those bags around and mixin’ that meat as best as possible.

4. Lay the bags flat in the refrigerator and let them marinade for 8 hours or overnight.

5. Place on your dehydrator racks and let it dehydrate.

We usually let ours dehydrate on a medium setting for a good 8-10 hours. You can speed it up by dehydrating on high for less time but we prefer the lower temperature.

A Note on Soy Sauce

Not all Soy Sauce is created equal. Make sure to check out our article on The Truth About Soy Sauce for more information on what to look for when purchasing Soy Sauce. Or if you want to take the easy route without reading, go buy one of these recommended Soy Sauce brands

Finished product - Spicy Teriyaki Deer Jerky
Finished product – Spicy Teriyaki Deer Jerky. Mmmm!

Which Dehydrator Is Best And What If I Don’t Have One?

You can literally use any dehydrator under the sun, including the sun itself! Solar dehydrating is an easy and cheap way to dehydrate and is also a useful skill to know. Here is a more in depth article from Off The Grid News on How to Build a Solar Feed Dehydrator. Amazon also has a nice selection of solar dehydrators that you can either purchase or glean ideas from to make your own for free or cheap.

We are currently using a vertical rectangular Browning Dehydrator that is similar to this Hamilton Beach Dehydrator. Round dehydrators like this Nesco American Harvest do a great job as well.

Vertical dehydrators blow air from the bottom up. While it’s not going to ruin your food, this can cause the bottom tray to dry out faster than the top trays. The way we combat this is by rotating the trays once or twice during the drying process.

But my dream dehydrator would be the Excalibur 3900 series. This dehydrator uses a horizontal air flow which means that each tray gets the same amount and temperature of air. No more rotating of the trays. The 3900 series also has an upgraded motor so in theory it should last longer as well. Plus its made in the USA! Win-win!


That’s it! It really is that simple. The hardest part is trying not to eat the whole bag in one day!

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Until next time. Get out there and do something!

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