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September 24, 2016 Quiver Full Farms No comments exist

Deer season is upon us! It’s time to break out the Morrell Archery Target and start sighting in your bows and cross bows.

Here in Texas you can take up to a total of 5 deer but no more than 3 bucks. The tricky part is figuring out if there are any additional restrictions based on the county you are in. For example, you may only take a doe during archery season and not during the general deer season. Where I hunt, we have a TON of doe but not many bucks.

That is why I love archery season. Not only are the deer less spooked because not as many people have been hunting them, but I can also take a doe. Win-Win!

Back to the Morrell Archery Target.

Why I like the Morrell Archery Target

This is just a great target! It has a different image on each side (deer vitals, 5 bulls eye targets, billiards, and a dart board). The target weighs 32 lbs and has 2 carrying handles that make it easy to transport or hang.Did I mention that I purchased this target from Amazon Prime for under $70 with free 2 day shipping?

It is made out of a foam material that can handle an arrow or bolt up to 400fps, which means it works great with not only a long bow or compound bow but my cross bow as well! Even at those speeds the arrows and bolts are still easy to pull out.

I’m not really sure why they call it an archery bag. It’s a 19x19x19 inch foam cube.

Check out the video we posted on our YouTube channel to get a good idea of what this bag is all about.

Closing Thoughts

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