iClever BoostCube 6-Port Universal USB Charger – Recommended Item of the Week

August 4, 2016 Quiver Full Farms No comments exist

The recommended item of the week is the iClever 6-Port Universal USB Charger.

Being that we are a large family of 6, our counter tops were constantly covered with device cables. You had to hunt just to fin an open outlet. But not any more!

Benefits of this Awesome USB Charger

We purchased the iClever USB charger about a year ago and it has been great! Since it has a long plug, it only takes up the space of one outlet. The long cable also means that you can move it around to a convenient location. This is great when you are at a hotel or a friends house and the only outlet you have access to is behind a dresser or night stand. The fact that it only takes up one plug is also a great benefit if your power is out and you are running on your backup battery bank.

It has 6 ports and all 6 of them are 2.4A outputs. Without going into all the geeky details, this means that the charger will charge newer phones and tablets at a much faster speed. But since it also has “smart” technology it will charge older phones at the slower speed they require as well.

The other item we use with this USB charger are short 6 inch cables. They helps de-clutter the nest of cables we have laying around. Specifically, we use Monoprice cables as they have a lifetime guarantee. Both Android and Apple cables are available in 6 inch lengths. I can’t say enough about these things!

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