How to Remove a T-Post the Cheap and Easy Way!

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T-posts are pretty easy to drive into the ground with the right tools, but when its time to remove them, where do you start?! Today we will show you how to remove a T-post the cheap and easy way.

What You Will Need to Remove a T-Post

The supply list is actually very short for this job.

That’s it! I told you it was cheap and easy!

Step 1

Lay both of the 2x4s next to the T-Post giving them at least 6 inches of overhang. This overhang will help you later as it will work as a lever when you remove the t-post.

Step 2

Tightly attach the C Clamp so that the T-Post is sandwiched between both of the 2x4s. The key word here is tightly.

Step 3

Get on the long end and lift! Make sure to life with your legs and not your back.

With you lifting on the long end, you and the 6 inch overhang will act as a lever and that T-Post should come right out!

Of course you can always wiggle the T-Post back and forth to loosen it up before attaching everything but even if you don’t, it should still come out pretty easy.

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