7 Disadvantages of Homeschooling

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7 Disadvantages of Homeschooling

While homeschooling has many benefits, there are also disadvantages of homeschooling. We believe the good outweigh the bad but we don’t want anyone to go into homeschooling jaded. We love homeschooling but it’s only fair to present both sides of the coin.

1. Being Around Your Children All Day Long

Homeschooling allows you to spend great quality time with your family. But lets face it, sometimes you just need some time alone! We all do. And believe it or not, your kids need it as well! In our family we have mandatory “rest time.” The younger kids actually go down for a nap but the bigger kids go to their room for an hour and a half as well where they can play quietly, read, or even…rest…gasp!

It’s just enough time for everyone to get some personal space and recharge their batteries.

2. The Cost of Homeschooling

Although we are paying taxes to cover our local government schools, not a single dime comes back to us for homeschooling. You have to pay for all curriculum, supplies, co-op fees, etc all out of pocket.

Our first year of homeschooling we decided to write letters to our immediate friends and family letting them know that we decided to homeschool and asked for monetary help for the first year.

I have also toyed around with the idea of buying some candy bars in bulk at our local Sams Club and going door to door just like government school kids do. I’ll let you know how that goes if and when we decide to do it.

3. Criticism from Others

Unfortunately, this usually comes from those we are closest to. They may feel like your kids will not get a quality education, that you may not be a good enough teacher, or just that your children will not be socialized like they should be.

First off, all of that criticism is false and those individuals are usually speaking out of ignorance. Secondly, the same exact things could be said about sending your kids to government schools.

During these times it is good to look back at your list of reasons why you decided to homeschool your children in the first place. And remember, these are your children and your responsibility. You decide what is best for your family, not someone else.

4. Patience While Teaching

This can be a hard one and usually goes hand in hand with #1 above. But when you are teaching your child the same concept for the bajillionth time and they still don’t get it, it can become frustrating.

You will learn to realize when it is best to push through or when the both of you are just burned out and need a break from learning for the moment. You can always come back to it later in the day or even another day altogether.

5. Worry and Guilt

Worry and guilt usually go hand in hand with #3 but not always.

Being that you are responsible for your child’s education and upbringing can bring a lot of worry on a parent. Are you good enough for the task? Are you smart enough? Are you doing the right thing?

These are thoughts all good parents have. It means we care. Look back at your list of reasons why you decided to homeschool or talk to another homeschooling parent.

6. Juggling Life

Juggling life can be hard for anyone. Parenting, being a good husband or wife, volunteering, cooking, cleaning, and taking your kids to piano and karate lessons. These are all things that most good parent do. Now add to that the fact that you never get any alone time and you must also prepare lessons and actually teach your kids at some point.

It is definitely a balancing act but by the grace of God we figure out ways to do it.

7. Isolation

Of course there are plenty of ways to keep your child “socialized” and that means getting them out into the world. But just the fact that they don’t get to see their friends during the school day as often as government school kids can be a bummer.

And lets face it, since your busy teaching, you don’t get to go out and see your friends like you would if they were in government school during the day.

Closing Thoughts

We just went through 7 disadvantages of homeschooling and yet we still think that the good outweigh the bad by a long shot! When reading through these 7 disadvantages of homeschooling I realized that most of them are all temporary issues. Issues that can be resolved by changing your thought process or habits.

On the other hand, the benefits seem to be much more long lasting. They are character building benefits, spiritual benefits, life choice benefits. All things that will help your child as they progress through life.

What disadvantages have you faced and how have you overcome them? Leave a comment below and make sure to check out our facebook page.

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