2016 Home Grown Food Summit

March 10, 2016 Quiver Full Farms No comments exist

What are you waiting for?! The Home Grown Food Summit is now!

This is going on today folks! From now until March 13th 2016, the Home Grown Food Summit is offering free online videos from speakers around the world! Topics include beekeeping, permaculture, chickens, goats, gardens, and more! Make sure to tune in!

Register at: homegrownfoodsummit.com

They will send you an email with a link to view the day’s presentations.

Each day they give you 5 new presentations to watch for free. You have 24 hours to watch until they are replaced with the next 5 videos. They also give you the opportunity to buy a lifetime pass to watch the videos at your leisure. The cost is $69 for the online version or $99 for the online + a flash drive of the content.

Purchasing their membership is optional. If you like what they have and want to support them then make the purchase. If you missed a presentation or saw a really good presentation that you want to add to your library, then make a purchase. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the show, or shows!

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